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I would recommend her unequivocally to anyone.

I first came to see Helene when I was in bad shape, the worst shape I’ve ever been in. I’d had emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix (that had been ruptured for a week before it was properly diagnosed) and wasn’t recovering very well. Among my other symptoms, I was waking up and vomiting every morning. This had gone on for weeks. My surgeon said not to worry about it; I went to a GI specialist, who also said don’t worry, it will eventually go away, but it was extremely distressing. Literally one session with Helene, with some herbs she recommended, and no more vomiting in the morning. A huge relief, and I felt a turning point in my recovery.

I also had some fairly severe trauma symptoms from the emergency surgery and the post-operative complications, and felt I needed some other intervention in addition to the Eastern medicine. Helene was very supportive of whatever course I felt I needed to take, and worked to support and complement the other methods I chose.

I had been trying to get pregnant for more than 3 years. I had seen another acupuncturist, but no luck. Working with Helene I got pregnant on the first try! Helene was also very helpful with the various discomforts of pregnancy (backaches, fatigue, bloating), and was able to turn the baby around when the time came, and finally to help bring on labor to avoid hospital induction…

She’s also been able to help my husband with a chronic shoulder problem that wasn’t responding to traditional medical attention. Helene is very knowledgeable and skillful, and also very compassionate. I would recommend her unequivocally to anyone.

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