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Wide range of support for my health concerns

Acupuncture and Healing Arts of Park Slope has provided me with a very wide range of support for my health concerns. I initially came to Ms. Kostre in 2000 in my mid-40’s for support with weight loss, but have found over the past five years that the acupuncture, NET, oral-supplement therapies, and gradual dietary-change recommendations provided by Ms. Kostre have been extremely helpful for a range of interconnected body and mind issues. These include back pain, joint pain (knee, hand, shoulder, and hip), diabetes prevention, and also a variety of immune system-related illnesses both short and long term.

She works with her patients towards an overall mind-body balance, to strengthen the immune system and achieve an awareness and practice of good self-care. I don’t get colds as often, and if I do, they are generally much less intense and shorter in duration. And when I was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a chronic intestinal disease with life-long effects, Ms. Kostre began working on that with me as well, to lessen the effects and hopefully some day lessen my dependence on the medications. She is very respectful of the treatments I follow from my Western-medicine physicians, and is committed to the whole health of her patients, incorporating Eastern healing arts with existing treatments to provide a comprehensive range of health supports.

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