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Science has shown that the body is a bio-electric system. This Energy/Qi system flows along pathways called meridians.

The energy in each meridian flows from the surface of the body, through the muscles and connective tissue, to the organ networks at the body’s core. It is through this network of pathways that stimulating points on the surface of the body can effect deep healing within the body.

As we are impacted by the challenges and stressors of life, we tend to tighten and constrict. This decreases the flow of Qi and vital nutrition to our muscles and organs. Over time, the body is compromised in its ability to nourish itself and becomes depleted.

The combination of depletion (Yin) and constriction (Yang), causes weakness and stagnation—imbalance of Yin and Yang in the body.

Acupuncture helps your body restore a healthy balance of Yin and Yang by tonifying the weaknesses and moving the stagnation. This is often accomplished with the assistance of herbs, simple nutritional principles, exercise, relaxation, and the development of conscious awareness. The World Health Organization advocates acupuncture as a safe means of treating over 100 diseases.

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