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Thank you for all that you did for me

I began seeing Helene in January 2008. I was all tied up in knots and in much pain. I had just recovered from Lymes Disease and she was highly recommended by a colleague. The relaxing atmosphere in your office and your calming attention to my pain provided comfort and much relief. I live in Central New Jersey and work in

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Helene is caring and extremely skilled

Helene is caring and extremely skilled. I turned to her when medical doctors were unable to offer any treatment for a sudden onset of Bells Palsy. The acupuncture treatments restored my face, my immune system and my health. I recommend Helene Kostre highly to anyone seeking renewed health.

Insightful, highly skilled and informed acupuncturist

I’ve known Helene for more than 10 years, and always refer to her first as if she were our family physician. Helene has treated my son for an earache, my husband for back pain, and all of us whenever we feel under the weather with a flu or cold. With acupuncture and the use of herbs and supplements, Helene has

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I am especially grateful

I am writing to tell you, and any others who wish to know, just how important you have been to me, particularly during the period when I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. It was of course a very tough spell, especially during the chemotherapy, when I felt very dark and bleak at times. The acupuncture helped to calm me

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